About The Founders IP

The Founders IP is conceived and established to provide world class IP advisory services, IP consultancy services, IP management services, IP protection services and dispute redressal services in the field of patent, trademark, copyrights and industrial designs in India and abroad. We also render consultancy and advisory services to individuals and commercial establishments, relating to partnership deed registration , import export licenses, company formation, LLP registration, IP Legal support is provided by top ranking and best IP law firms in the country with around 15 years of experience.

Our Services

We provide services of well qualified and experienced IP consultants, IP Managers, Trademark attorneys, registered patent agents, patent attorneys, design attorneys, copyright lawyers, advocates, IP consultants, IP Managers, Brand consultants, business administrators, patent drafters and patent writers from diverse fields like engineering, IT, Science, bio-chemistry and medicine. Our draftsmen excel at utility patent drawings of all types: mechanical, electrical, charts & graphs, etc. using exploded perspective views and computer interface drawings.

Legal Support

We have a panel of legal experts who give comprehensive legal assistance; from preparing and filing applications; vetting of documents; drafting of agreements, assignment deeds, license agreements and provide litigation support before Supreme court of India, High courts, District courts, Patent, Trademark, and Geographical indication offices, appellate bodies and tribunals. We also offer Alternate dispute resolution facility for quick and amicable settlement of disputes.

Currently we are servicing several hundreds clients from across the globe from diverse industries retailers, hoteliers, hopitals, pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, universities, research institutes, and individuals. Our team of professionals are always committed to do their utmost to justify the enormous trust that our clients have placed in us to help them to be more successful be it in India or rest of the world.