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An Ordinary Patent Registration Process India

An ordinary patent registration process India that can be filed in the Patent Office India without claiming any priority of application made in another country/convention country or without referring to any other application already under process in the Patent office is called  An ordinary patent registration process India such as  application can be filed by an inventor himself as an applicant or by a person to whom the invention is assigned by the inventor through their authorized patent agents in India for eg. Joachim & Janson, Registered Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys. Such applicant may be either an Indian national or foreign national.

An ordinary patent registration process India

Ordinary Patent Registration Process India

An ordinary application can be filed in the form of Provisional Application/Specification if the applicant finds that his invention is not ready. This helps him/her to establish the priority of the applicant over any other person(s) who is likely to file an application for patent in respect of the same invention being developed concurrently. It also helps the applicant to get a maximum period of twelve months to fully develop his invention by himself or with the help of others who are interested in the economic value of the patent before filing the file the complete specification within twelve months.

Application filing

If the applicant has the Patent ready for filing he may opt for filing the Complete Specification at the earliest enabling him to save time and money. It may take around 2 to 3 years to get a Patent registered in India. An applicant for patent should comply with all the necessary patent procedures within the stipulated period. A good patent law firm like Joachim & Janson, Kerala with well experienced Patent agents or patent attorneys can assist you during all stages of patenting by providing the necessary services like consulting on the patentability of the invention, market potential,   patent search, drafting provisional and complete specifications, publication, examination, grant, renewal, valuation, assignment or licensing at a reasonable cost.

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