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Guidelines for Submitting Import Export code application

Guidelines for Submitting Import Export code application

Here you can see the guidelines for submitting Import Export code application. IEC Stands IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE  which contains 10 digit number issued by Director General of Foreign Trade. It also concerned by  Department of Commerce and Government of India.

It is required  for two reasons. One is, when we are exporting or importing goods from one country to another. Second is, If any foreign transfer on account of business.

IEC number is mandatory. IEC forms a primary document for recognition by Govt. of India as Exporter or Importer. Blog post on Guidelines for Submitting Import Export code application is useful for law students, lawyers, attorneys. On the top of that it is useful for export import company owners.

Guidelines for Submitting Import Export Code application

Once you have decided to apply for an IEC application, it is always better that you entrust the work to an experienced consultant. Better one is that he is in close proximity to DGFT Office. Moreover  he can get the IEC approved within a one or two week’s time.

 It is very secured documents. So that our prominent J&J IP Management Services, Cochin, Kerala, India provides hassle free experience to their clients for a reasonable fee at very quick time. Also with good quality one. As they have procured several hundred import export licenses during the past one decade. In addition, as many clients are very satisfied with our services.

An applicant for Import Export Code  prior to approaching a Export consultant should have the following:

  • A Current account in the name of their firm or Company,
  • PAN Card in the name of the company/firm. In case of Individual applicant, personal PAN card issued by Income tax Authorities,
  • Arrange for a Banker’s letter or Bankers receipt ,
  • Arrange for necessary 2 passport size photos,
  • Provide full and complete addresses and contact details. It will be fully stamped etc.
Finally, you will get the IEC code within two week's, after submitting the document to DGFT(Directorate General of Foreign Trade).

If you want more information, please contact through our office phone number. You will get a direct consultation on Guidelines for Submitting Import Export code application.

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Legal tips connected with Trademark registration

Legal tips connected with Trademark registrationLegal tips connected with Trademark registration: Trademark registration distinguish your business’ goods or services from those of other traders. The following are very useful Legal tips connected with Trademark registration for to start a company. Trademark play an important role in business  because which is more helpful to identify a business or a  product in market. How to register a trade mark ?, trade mark registration in India are mention below. Now a days trademark of a company become the unavoidable factor because  Trademark registration distinguish your business’ goods or services from those of other traders. A trademark include trade name / logo / label / caption etc..

How to register a trade mark ? Legal tips connected with Trademark registration

Once you have decided on a trademark / trade name / logo / label / caption you shall approach an IP law firm consisting of Intellectual property Attorney or Trade mark attorneys with vast experience in Trademark prosecution, registration, maintenance and litigation.

They shall guide you in coining a good trademark. They shall explain to you regarding the requirements, possibility/chances of registration of the trade mark, time line for registration of the mark selected by you after searching the Trademark data base.

A good IP law firm shall be able to support you during application stage, objection stage, registration, renewal, licensing, international trademark registration, litigation, alternate dispute resolution/arbitration etc.. Their Client relationship executives shall make your registration process hassle free. Read more on Trademark Registration India

Joachim & Janson is one such firm which has a network of thousands of IP law firms spread across 190 countries and consist of trademark attorneys who have handled several thousand trade mark applications during the past one decade. If you want more information on Trademark registration you may visit

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Registration of Trademark in India

Registration_of Trademark_in_IndiaA trademark is a mark that is used by a business which distinguishes itself from the rest. The trademarks act of 1999 and the trade marks rules of 2002 say about registration of a trademark. Getting your trademark registered is an important thing to be done while doing your business. Some of the advantages of getting your trademark registered are that it helps in advertising, it distinguishes your products from that of your competitors and also gives a right to use the mark. Another advantage of registering your trademark is that it helps in court proceeding where a registered trademark can be used as proof. Therefore it is very important that you choose an attractive and good trademark as it represents yours businesses identity. If the trademark name is not registered, then you do not have any legal rights and therefore cannot initiate court proceedings.Below content tell about getting Registration of Trademark in India.

Sections 9 to 11 of the trademarks act of 1999 say about grounds under which the trademark may be refused.

Trademark registration procedure

A trademark can either be a name, any other word, letters, numbers, designs, shapes, colors, sound marks, marks etc. After you have decided on the name, the trademark application form (form TM-1) has to be filled. Other documents which are usually required for registration purpose are a soft copy of logo, address of the owner, date from which the trademark was used and the form of authorization (TM 48). Also a search has to be done to see whether the trademark you choose already exists.  This can be filed in any of the five offices in India which are at Kolkata Delhi Mumbai Chennai and Ahmadabad. After the application is filed, it will be checked by the registrar.

Online Trademark registration in India

A Registration of Trademark in India application can also be filed online.In case there are any objections, then the registrar will issue an official examination report. The examination report will be based on whether your trademark conflicts with any other existing trademark. This can be within 3 months to one year from the date of filing of the application. If the trademark is accepted by the registrar, then it will be published in the trademarks journal. This is done to enable the public to file opposition regarding the trademark.

The period for which a trademark is granted is usually ten years. For renewal of the trademark an application has to be filed by the owner with the necessary fees to the register of trademarks before the expiry of the original registration. If the owner fails to do so, then the trademark will be removed from the trademark registry after the prescribed time period.

Call 0091-9544044440 for Registration of Trademark in India by J and J IP Management Services.

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Patent Registration process India

Patent Registration Process IndiaPatent Registration process India

Patent rights are rights allowed to a person for a new invention. The process of invention or modification of an existing invention is known as patent. Patent Registration process India, is in the act of 1970.

It consists of the law relating to patents in India. The period for which a patent is granted is 20 years.

Indian patent offices are in Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. Here patent applications can be filed. In sections 3 and 4 of the patent act of 1970, contain a list of inventions which cannot be patented.

The applicant has to make sure that his invention has not been patented before. The next step is to file a patent application. This can be done either by the inventor or by his assignee. The application can be filed jointly or independently. In case of a deceased person the legal representatives can make the application.

The application can be provisional specification or complete specification. Complete specification should be filed in 12 months.

The patent should not be published before the application is filed. Either the agent or the applicant can file the patent specification. It usually includes the title of invention, prior art, and any drawbacks in the prior art. If it is a complete specification then the scope of invention must be mentioned.

Complete specification can be directly filed without a provisional specification. If provisional specification is filed, the applicant can claim priority date. Besides, it gives time to the inventor to assess the market value of the invention before filing a complete specification.

The next step is filing a request for examination, which should be done in 48 hours from the date of priority or date of filing of application. A First Examination Report (FER) will then be issued by the patent office.

The patent application will be published in 18 months after the date of filing. However the applicant can make a request for early publishing. The application will be assessed by the patent officers. The application will be filed in the gazette of India, if it is found suitable. The patent will be granted if there is no opposition on payment of the sealing fee, in six months from the date of advertisement.

The patent will be open for defiance by third parties, for one year from the date on which it was advertised. Normally it is open for a period of four months. But extension for one more month will be granted if applied for.

If the application is refused, and the applicant has filed a request 10 days in advance, before the expiry of the statutory period. After that, the controller should provide a chance for being heard. The patent office will have a register of patents. It contains the patent number, name and address of the patentee. There are no patents that are valid worldwide. However pct patent application can be filed in any of the four patent offices in India. They should act as the receiving office for international application. Patents have to be renewed every year by paying the required fees.

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