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Guidelines for Submitting Import Export code application

Guidelines for Submitting Import Export code application

Here you can see the guidelines for submitting Import Export code application. IEC Stands IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE  which contains 10 digit number issued by Director General of Foreign Trade. It also concerned by  Department of Commerce and Government of India.

It is required  for two reasons. One is, when we are exporting or importing goods from one country to another. Second is, If any foreign transfer on account of business.

IEC number is mandatory. IEC forms a primary document for recognition by Govt. of India as Exporter or Importer. Blog post on Guidelines for Submitting Import Export code application is useful for law students, lawyers, attorneys. On the top of that it is useful for export import company owners.

Guidelines for Submitting Import Export Code application

Once you have decided to apply for an IEC application, it is always better that you entrust the work to an experienced consultant. Better one is that he is in close proximity to DGFT Office. Moreover  he can get the IEC approved within a one or two week’s time.

 It is very secured documents. So that our prominent J&J IP Management Services, Cochin, Kerala, India provides hassle free experience to their clients for a reasonable fee at very quick time. Also with good quality one. As they have procured several hundred import export licenses during the past one decade. In addition, as many clients are very satisfied with our services.

An applicant for Import Export Code  prior to approaching a Export consultant should have the following:

  • A Current account in the name of their firm or Company,
  • PAN Card in the name of the company/firm. In case of Individual applicant, personal PAN card issued by Income tax Authorities,
  • Arrange for a Banker’s letter or Bankers receipt ,
  • Arrange for necessary 2 passport size photos,
  • Provide full and complete addresses and contact details. It will be fully stamped etc.
Finally, you will get the IEC code within two week's, after submitting the document to DGFT(Directorate General of Foreign Trade).

If you want more information, please contact through our office phone number. You will get a direct consultation on Guidelines for Submitting Import Export code application.

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