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Intellectual Property Protection in India

Intellectual_Property_Protection_in_IndiaIntellectual property means inventions that are distinct and extraordinary. It usually includes copyrights, patents, trademarks and designs. Some examples of intellectual property are a trade logo, any work of art, a movie recording, a products design, any unique written work etc. It is very important to protect your intellectual property in india to increase creativity, profits, prevent competitors and others from exploiting your invention etc. There are seven types of intellectual property protection available namely patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, plant breeders rights, circuit layout rights and trade secrets.

Patent rights are rights allowed to a person for a new invention, process of invention or modification of any existing invention. The patent act of 1970 consists of the law relating to patents in India. The period for which a patent is granted is 20 years. Indian patent offices are there in Kolkata Delhi Chennai and Mumbai.

A trademark is a mark that is used by a business which distinguishes itself from the rest. The trademarks act of 1999 and the trade marks rules of 2002 say about registration of a trademark. Getting your trademark registered is an important thing to be done while doing your business. Some of the advantages of getting your trademark registered are that it helps in advertising, it distinguishes your products from that of your competitors and also gives a right to use the mark. Another advantage of registering your trademark is that it helps in court proceeding where a registered trademark can be used as proof. Therefore it is very important that you choose an attractive and good trademark as it represents yours businesses identity. If the trademark name is not registered, then you do not have any legal rights and therefore cannot initiate court proceedings.

Copyright is an exclusive right given to the owner or maker of a film, book, literature, music, art etc the right to restrict others from creating and publishing copies. The main aim of providing copyright is to appreciate their efforts and encourage their creativity and also to prevent people from misusing their work. Usually an official registration of copyright is not required. However some measures can be taken by the owner to protect their work. One measure is to put the international copyright symbol with the authors name and year on the publication. Copyright protection is usually provided for a period of seventy years and may vary according to the type of work.

Design is another type of intellectual property protection in india. It mainly includes the shape, size color etc of your product. It can have three dimensional or two dimensional features. They apply to a large range of products starting from watches, clothes, luxury items, electrical products etc. Protection is provided for designs to help enhance the creativity and also helps in expansion of business and trade. The industrial design law says about getting your design registered. They differ in different countries.

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