To form a partnership firm a partnership agreement or partnership deed has to be prepared. One must use the services of an experienced lawyer to avoid future issues. At The Founders IP we have prepared and registered several number of partnership deeds for our clients in Kerala.

Requirements for preparing PARTNERSHIP DEED

  • The amount of capital contributed by each partner
  • Profit or loss sharing ratio
  • Any share kept aside for the firm
  • Salary or commission payable to any partner, if any
  • Duration of business, if any
  • Name of the Firm, Office address/place of business
  • Name and residential address of all the partners, their age , Father’s name/Husband’s name
  • Duties and powers of each partner
  • Nature of business; and
  • Any other terms and conditions to run the business
  • Partnership deed Preparation time : 24 - 48 Hrs
  • Timeline for Deed registration : Around 2 months

Partnership deed must be prepared on Rs.5000 stamp paper as per the new regulations.

Fee for preparing Partnership Deed shall be paid at the a time of entrusting the work

After preparation of the deed, it must be signed by all the partners. It must also have signatures of independent witnesses.

Details required for preparing application for REGISTRATION OF A FIRM under Indian Partnership Act, 1932

The Partnership deed is submitted to the “Registrar of Firms, Kerala” along with necessary documents and fees. On approval of these documents by the “Registrar of Firms” the “Partnership Firm” is established as a legal entity and can start business under the chosen name.

  • Firm’s address with proof
  • Name, Father’s name/Husband’s name, Age, Religion, Caste & permanent address of all Partners in full.
  • Notarized or attested copies of Partnership deed/all connected deed
  • If any partner is a minor, the fact whether he is entitled to the benefits of partnership should be set out therein
  • Death certificate of deceased partners, if any
  • Fee for registration of Partnership firm shall be paid at the time of entrusting the work.
  • Please contact us for further information and fees

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