Patents are national or territorial in nature. There is nothing like International patent application. Only way to protect patents on a global basis is to file separate patent applications in each country in which protection is sought. PCT or patent Cooperation treaty is an international agreement that helps to simplify the process of filing patent applications in several countries. It gives the applicant adequate time to choose the country in which he wants to file national patent application without loosing priority. Filing patents worldwide is an expensive affair so it is necessary to consider the scope of a patent invention in a particular country before choosing the jurisdiction.

PCT patent filing is administered by WIPO or World intellectual property Organization and there are around 145 contracting states to the PCT. An Indian patent applicant can file a PCT application in India and designate the countries of his choice where he wishes to get priority. Similarly a foreign applicant can enter national phase within 31 months from date of application of his patent. Foreign applicants these days prefer filing of Patent applications in fast growing economies of the world like India and China apart from developed countries like US, Japan, Germany, Russia etc.

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