We help in filing PCT national phase applications in India. Patent Attorneys & staff at The Founders IP are prompt, experienced and highly reliable and provide individual attention to all matters entrusted to us. We are regularly providing PCT national phase filing services to inventors, research institutes, universities and companies in US, Germany, Israel, Japan, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea etc.

A PCT application should enter national phase within 31 months from the priority date.

Following are the requirements for a PCT application to enter the national phase in India:

For entering into National phase an applicant or his patent agent may initially provide only the following:

  • PCT Patent application number
  • Power of Authority in Form-26 to Government of India registered Patent agents of The Founders IP
  • Translation (in English) of Description, claims(If amended, both as originally filed and as amended, together with any statement under PCT Article 19),Abstract and any text matter of drawings;
  • and necessary Fees (Official & Professional ) by wire transfer.

On request the applicant or their agents shall furnish further documents like

  • Copy of international application only if applicant has not received Form PCT/IP/308 and Patent office in India has not received a copy of international application from IB under PCT Article 20;
  • Verification of translation or statement by the applicant or his agent that the translation is correct and complete;
  • Instrument of assignment or transfer where the applicant is not the inventor;
  • Name, address and nationality of the inventor if it has not been furnished in the Request part of the international application;
  • Document evidencing change of name of the applicant if the change occurred after the international filing date and same has not been reflected in a notification from IB;
  • Details of corresponding applications in other countries for filing Form-3 within 6 months.

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