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Sales/ License/Purchase of Patents, Designs & Trademarks

All intellectual property like patent, trade mark, copyright and industrial design can be sold, licensed or mortgaged just like a physical property. So clever ideas and inventions can earn you millions as royalties.

Patent rights are granted for a limited period and the inventor or owner is supposed to commercialise and make best use of it. If he is not capable of commercializing it he may transfer the technology by assigning it or licensing it to any entrepreneur, company or organization which could make best use of the technology transfer, mass produce or market it. You can collect royalties from such companies against the IP rights sold or licensed to such party. Non-commercial use of an intellectual property right like patent or trademark for a substantial period like 5 years or more will help competitors to invalidate or claim rights upon your IP assets.

Zwapall provides patent monetization, brand monetization, patent scouting, patent acquisition and brand acquisition services. Our experienced IP Consultants conduct due diligence, sourcing of patent buyers or joint venture partners and negotiate with prospective investors and buyers on behalf of the client.

Inventors intending to Sell or License their Patents (Exclusively or Non Exclusively) or Entrepreneurs/Manufacturers/Dealers or service providers who are interested in selling their Goodwill/ Brand name/Trademark may contact us with Registration. No. / Pending application No., description, benefits, expected price and other terms.

Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Investors, catalogue companies and other potential licensees who are interested in acquiring a new product or process patent or trademark may contact us with Letter of interest, brief profile of their business, turnover & references.

Prior to sale or license, you have to first patent your invention or register your brand name, business name, tagline and logo or get design registration for your industrial design or copyright for your software, artistic, literary or dramatic work.

Once registration and valuation of a patent or trademark or design or copyright is done by experienced Intellectual property attorneys or intellectual property consultants it can be either assigned or licensed to those who wish to buy it. If you do not wish to give the entire rights you can give limited rights through non-exclusive license agreements. If you wish to sell it off for a fair value you can do so through an assignment agreement or deed.

Our experienced Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Design attorneys provide novelty search, preparation of applications, registration services, IP audit, prepare  assignment or licensing agreements, provide vetting of patent license agreements or patent assignment deeds, amend or enter the name and address of assignees in the register at Patent and Trademark offices, renew it on time, etc.

We have launched the World's first Intellectual property global marketplace. So if you wish to monetize your patent, design, copyright or trademark just download our Zwapall App or log in to our website  or give us a call at +91-92070 99990.  

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