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Are you considering adopting a new trademark or brand name in India? With over 6 million trademarks registered and pending in the country, ensuring the availability of your chosen trademark is a crucial step in protecting your brand's identity.

Why Conduct a Trademark Search in India?

Before you launch your brand, it's essential to confirm that your chosen trademark is available. Neglecting this critical step can lead to various complications, such as being unable to register your trademark or encountering legal issues post-launch.

Your trademark is a vital aspect of your business identity, and it's not something you can change frequently. To establish its legal protection, you need to go through the trademark registration process.

The Limitations of Basic Trademark Searches

Basic trademark searches, whether through search engines or basic similarity checks in the ip india public search trademark database, may not provide a complete picture. Not all names are eligible for trademark registration, including generic names, descriptive names, and names that describe the quality, kind, or quantity of a product or service. Additionally, names that resemble pending or registered trademarks, prohibited names, and those identical to well-known marks may face legal challenges.

Mere alterations, like adding prefixes or suffixes, may not guarantee registration. Therefore, it's advisable to seek expert legal opinions from trademark professionals who can evaluate the registrability and freedom to use your mark effectively. 

Our Trade mark Search Services

We offer a range of trademark search services to assist you in making informed decisions about your brand's identity:

Indian Trademark Search: Our experts search the Indian trademark database to determine the availability and suitability of your chosen trademark.

Check Trademark Availability: We thoroughly check the availability of your trademark to ensure it's not already registered.

Search Trademark Names: If you have a specific name in mind, we conduct a comprehensive search to determine if it's in use.

IP Trademark Search: Our professionals specialize in protecting intellectual property through rigorous trademark searches.

Trademark Search India: We understand the legal nuances in India and provide search services tailored to the country's trademark laws.

Trademark Check: We offer a detailed trademark check to assess your mark's eligibility for registration.

Trademark Brand Name Search: If your brand's name is integral to your business, we provide brand name search services to ensure it's available for registration.

Business Name Trademark Search: If your business name is closely tied to your brand, we confirm its availability.

Choose the Right Trademark Search Option:

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a preliminary search or choose from various paid search options as given below: 

  • Preliminary advice from the Trademark Registrar 
  •      In-house search opinions from our experienced trademark attorneys
  •      In-house search opinions using AI tools for a thorough analysis
  •      Search opinions with strategies provided by senior trademark attorneys
  •      For international trademark searches and opinions, we have special packages designed by International Trademark Attorneys.

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